Moms and Dadio are hittin’ the pipe


You know it really bothers me that we haven’t had more press on the states that have decided to allow pot smoking to be legal.  Sure it is new, but where are the discussions? No elementary schools or middle schools in up roar?

Why not?

Bus drivers, taxi drivers, pilots, teachers just about every vocation should be talking about how this will be handled in the workplace.  How to regulate, what to tolerate.

And if they are mad and picketing why am I not hearing about it?  Touchy touchy I know I sound like a super moralizing republican voting fanatically religious way out there freak!  But alas no, just an adult that grew up with plenty of pot smoking adults around me including a parent by the way.

So what? I will tell you that having a parent that smokes or snorts, takes pills, drinks, parties or whatever we are doing now a days is not fun it’s scary.  It’s scary to guess how they will be today, if they will make food or sleep all day.  If they are going to be the adult or am I taking care of my brothers and sisters today?  And should I stay home from school to care for the little ones not in school yet?

Maybe I am not talking about the people that smoke every once in a while. ( what does that mean specifically?)  Or maybe I am.  I mean the ones that “don’t have a problem”.  And did I bring up  the secondary high yet? No? Well there it is.  What about that?

And I hope that all this freedom means individuals take the consequences too.  Why should my tax dollars pay for rehab for something that is legal? How are insurance companies reacting to this anyway?  No problem as long as we choose the doctor that writes the prescriptions? Does he test his product?  Which ailments is this good for? Oh and since cocain is used for eye surgeries in some countries maybe we should legalize that too, in drop form so we can drop our coke where we want it!

I am not against legislation when we consider that individuals will do what they want anyway.  But I am for us considering the fact that there are children involved in the smoke cloud – and they should be considered.  Maybe.  Just a little bit? A minuet of your time? A second? Thank you.

About mainbean

I graduated december 2014 from Bergströms a Counselor specialized in Co-dependency Therapy. I love to read, discuss and learn. I usually write every other weekend and hope to see how much I grow during this process.
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5 Responses to Moms and Dadio are hittin’ the pipe

  1. Yaz says:

    Same with alcohol, though? If we have legitimate pot around, we just have to be responsible. I have alcohol in the house, and never burdened my children with my drinking of the stuff, Just did it socially or when I fancied it,.although there are many who have suffered alcoholic parents. It would be same with pot. It must have been hard for you, but not everyone will be the same.


    • mainbean says:

      I agree everyone is not the same, and far from everyone is responsible! I just hope that as time goes that awareness is raised and we can educate ourselves before we start using or experimenting with anything even the legal substances we can buy at the corner store or get a perscription for from our doctors. Using and abusing are two very different things. I am always happy to read your comments, thank you Yaz!


  2. kp says:

    Hi….I agree that it IS scarey for a child to grow up in a house with a parent who is stoned so I can see why you feel so strongly about this. I grew up with a mother who was often drunk which was also scarey. But I don’t think it would have helped if alcohol consumption was criminalized; I think it would have helped if she had had mental health support. Kim


    • mainbean says:

      I don’t think alchohol should be criminalized – it’s to late for that. Studies do show that if society was presented with a clean slate that alchohol would be more limited access. There is a lot of help available out there, it is hard to get it though when your afraid or ashamed to tell others what your dealing with at home though. People are going to do what they want, legal or not, I just like to try to get the ideas out there and start a conversation! Thanks for writing!


      • kp says:

        I hear you….I am 55 and it has only been the last few years where I have started to tell people honestly about life with my mother. And i also agree with your point about alcohol. I just worry about policies in the US that lead to people with drug issues being imprisoned….Our government in Canada is moving in that direction and that really worries me. But I think you are right to make people see that there is nothing cool about people who are stoned all of the time. Kim


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