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I’ve lost my “softness”

I want to be fast and strong. I have learned how to survive on my own out of necessity and take care of my children myself. I work full-time. I sometimes work extra for the much-needed cash – and I am studying part-time. … Continue reading

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I want to be an addict when I grow up…

Or a wife beater, even the beaten wife.  Homeless sounds interesting and filled with adventure too! No, I doubt that many children have this dream when they are little.  And I doubt there are many adults that have the aspiration … Continue reading

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Godis inslaget i bra budskap

Godis inslaget i bra budskap. Cute and good  idea.  Love it, maybe we can get these into the grocery stores!

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Legal drugs

Well we already have some legal drugs do we need more out there? We already have alcohol and tobacco in its many forms depending on where you live.  We do have legalised marijuana also again depending on where you live.  … Continue reading

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