I want to die

English: Skull and crossbones

English: Skull and crossbones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever said this? Did you mean what you said?

There has been little talk lately about assisted suicide or assisted death but it is sure to come up again soon.  There have been many books published and articles written and even countries that have written laws to regulate this type of assistance.

So what do you think? We have death in many forms some assisted and som accidental and lets not forget intentional deaths.  If one of my friends that committed suicide could come back and tell me that they didn’t regret it I would be willing to listen.  If one of the aborted babies, or mothers that made that choice could tell me they didn’t regret it I would be willing to listen.  If someone who has assisted a death or received assistance in ending life would tell me they didn’t regret it and would even recommend it I would listen.  I am not saying I would change my mind but I would listen.

Listening is the way to start a conversation, learn something new share something experienced.  I want to be open-minded, after all I am sure we all know someone who has experienced one of these topics, or tried one ourselves.

I have a friend that has been asking for assistance for years.  I have been listening, I can’t help him or I guess I just won’t help him.  But I do try to listen.

About mainbean

I graduated december 2014 from Bergströms a Counselor specialized in Co-dependency Therapy. I love to read, discuss and learn. I usually write every other weekend and hope to see how much I grow during this process.
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5 Responses to I want to die

  1. sampatron says:

    Yes, I have said it, and I did mean it, but not to the extent that I was willing to take my own life. If, however, some “accident” happened and I died, it would have been all right. But that was over forty years ago and I’ve had a good life after that, so I’m glad there was no “accident.” Not that life has been easy or fun, but it’s been Life, and it’s all good.


    • mainbean says:

      I’m glad your still around to share your wisdom! I really appreciate your ending sentence –
      “Not that life has been easy or fun, but it’s been life…” how true! Just sharing that between friends and meaning it would probably change lives for the better.


      • sampatron says:

        I once had a therapist/mentor who specialized in studying suicide since his best friend had killed himself. He said that, in his opinion, most people don’t really want to die, they just don’t want to keep on living their lives the way they are. If their lives can become better…


  2. Yaz says:

    This is a contentious subject, and we all have such differing views. My first blog was on this subject. You can read it here… http://yazrooney.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/hello-world/


    • mainbean says:

      Very good ready, thought provoking. I wish it could be discussed, with an openness that would widen our views instead of our getting caught up in personal opinions. It’s interesting to know how they handled the situation hundreds of years ago – how the remaining family and society accepted the application, discussion and process of making decisions in regards to ending a life. We are afraid to fail, get old and take chances and responsibility today. Maybe it all fits together.


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