Serendipity …

Well it is a long story – but here I am again tearing up after a heated discussion that will result in my sending for divorce papers again tomorrow.  Failure for the second time.

So angry, embarrassed and just tired. No, not tired but exhausted after this latest relapse. I knew it, I promised myself if I arrived here again I would take care of the situation earlier than the last time.

Tears quietly brimmed over running down my cheeks as I filled my tea-cup with boiling water. Leaving the kitchen while overwhelming feelings of seclusion and the reality of my situation overcame me. Out of habit I pulled out my iPhone to distract myself with the nonsense banter of my best girlfriends.

This is what one of the brilliant ladies posted even before I updated them on my decision.

Copy and paste to read the text that greeted me. If your reading this today, maybe just maybe it is time to break som habits, replace some behaviors and change the only thing you can – yourself.

Someone out there is trying to tell me, help me with something. My higher power is talking to me or yelling at me and I have not been listening – so instead a girlfriend was inspired to save me from the darkness within.

Thank you higher power! Let us see if I can figure out the next step with your guidance. (If I can not hear or refuse to listen – please use my girlfriends again. Thx)

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