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Watching a sister – 5

She is eleven. Still a child but well on her way to becoming a young adult very quickly. My parents decided to move from one town to another. This is a small place, off the beaten path. Parents sometimes think … Continue reading

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It’s all fun and games…

It’s all fun and games untill someone get’s hurt. That is what I have always heard anyway. Looking at families that have had to go through an intervention I think it’s a true statement. An intervention doesn’t have to be … Continue reading

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Fill up the hole

What hole?  Not the hole in your wallet, head or stomach.  Not the hole in your jeans, sock, or shoe.  The hole in you. An amazing KBT therapist I have had the opportunity to listening to and study with  shared something … Continue reading

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Humor! (Och sanning) (via Drogpolitiken i Sverige och världen)

With humor maybe we can dare to look at a painful situation. If we stand on two separate sides of the issue humor can be our meeting point! We don’t always laugh because we think something is funny, but sometimes … Continue reading

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My beginning or hers?

We have all heard that certain things are passed from one generation to the next. How tall you are, your coloring, interests, health. Most of us can confirm the possibility. But is it really possible that addictions and weakness for … Continue reading

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