We’ve come a long way baby! Birth controll is for sissies.

Drinking water 2. Remake by "River Nymph&...

Drinking water 2. Remake by “River Nymph” of K.-M. Clodion (end of XVIII century.)In Schoppershof district. Nuremberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a little more good reading: we have come long way baby!

I decided to re-post some great subjects that get lost in our news nonsense, this is something that is affecting us and everyone, everything that needs, drinks, lives in water.  That description includes us people- which leads us to ask, how much sex is good for our futures.


Harden said the growing knowledge of estrogen-polluted water may expose the cultural double-standards that protect birth control from the scrutiny given to other chemicals and drugs.

“It’s going to start looking funny,” Harden said. “The radical environmentalist won’t eat a corn chip if the corn contacted a pesticide. But they view it a sacred right and obligation to consume synthetic chemicals that alter a woman’s natural biological functions, even if this practice threatens innocent aquatic life downstream.”

Despite growing and nationwide knowledge of birth-control pollution in rivers and streams, leading environmentalists remain unfazed – even in Boulder, where it’s been known about for years.

Curt Cunningham, water-quality-issues chairman for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sierra Club International, worked tirelessly last year on a ballot measure that would force the City of Boulder to remove fluoride from drinking water, because some believe it has negative effects on health and the environment that outweigh its benefits. But Cunningham said he would never consider asking women to curtail use of birth-control pills and patches – despite what effect these synthetics have on rivers, streams and drinking water.

“I suspect people would not take kindly to that,” Cunningham said. “For many people it’s an economic necessity. It’s also a personal freedom issue.”

I have always wanted to wear an anti-contraception/pro-NFP t-shirt to Whole Foods with the tagline “If you are going to go natural, go all the way.” I am not sure how well it would go over.

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