Plastic surgery – age limit?


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There is a hot discussion going on in Sweden at the moment.  Well several, but plastic surgery and setting an age limit is hot again.  Yes, we have a legal age limit of 18 years old to be able to have an operation without the consent of an adult.  So?   The discussion goes further to explain that several of the previously pro-operation women are raising a question to the new generation of surgery happy girls.  The question is, do they understand they are just buying into a trend.  The way we look and what society, commercials and industry show as popular is just a trend.  Our older ladies are trying to warn the younger ladies!  When asked the question if they themselves could have been stopped all answer “never!”. 

I don’t think we need to put more restrictions and age limits on plastic surgery.  I don’t believe we need more laws written on how to regulate illegal drugs.  I think we need to communicate and share our different experiences and stories with each other.  Every generation follows the same pattern as far as the older generation thinks it knows everything and wants to save the new generation from the same mistakes.  Younger generations always have to rebel and depending on your age I bet we can agree on the fact that younger generations have no taste in music or culture.  Ask any generation and it sounds the same. 

We are going to hell in a handbasket.  Not really, but for how many years haven’t we thought it can’t get any worse than this?!  We are silly creatures!  Selfish, self-absorbed, power hungry, and controlling in different aspects of our lives during different phases of development and awareness all according to our experiences.

Give me a minuet I want to explain.

Selfish?  Well we want to “save” others from making our same mistakes.  But if our mistakes helped us learn and become the wiser person we are today do we want to save anyone from that great albeit painful experience?  Do we want independent youth or do we want to keep them dependent on our way of seeing and doing things?  That is what happens when you don’t allow someone to learn to trust themselves.  We all  make mistakes, that’s just part of the process so let’s make it ok.

Self absorbed?  Well, why do we think the following generation needs to be saved from our same mistakes?  Apparently we are so great that they want to be just like us – without thinking for themselves they will follow in our footsteps without one critical thought process of their own so we need to save them. (critical thinking and problem solving for children. The age group is between 4 – 13).

Power hungry.  If I don’t allow you to develop independence and the ability to trust your own decisions without my permission then I obviously am the one with the power.

Controlling. I would guess that controlling fits into each of the other descriptions flawlessly.  We are not “loving” others into making better, healthier decisions.  Teaching, sharing and allowing them the freedom to make an informed decision.  We are instead  making more silly rules for them to break and bend just by being restrictive.  How do children, teens, and leaders respond to restriction? You and I?


So, no I don’t think we should pay for the operation.  But I do think encouraging a little research before one goes under the knife could be a better solution before we write yet another useless law.

  Lets be adults.  Lets be parents.  Lets be mentors.  Let’s lead without fear.  And if they still want to cut their labium off  then in a few years there will probably be a reverse surgery available. 

Labium (plural labia) is a Latin-derived term meaning “Lip“. Labium and its derivatives (including labial, labrum) are used to describe any lip-like structure, but in the English language, labium often specifically refers to parts of the vulva.

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