Yes condoms at any age!

Prezerwatywa, z angielskiej wiki

Prezerwatywa, z angielskiej wiki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course we should hand out condoms and show videos of all different types of sex positions and etcetera in school for sex education!  Maybe even before 6th grade!

Of course we should educate them about STD’s and the way they can ruin a life, or at least make life painful. Then give them a handful of condoms and say be careful and HAVE FUN!!

Of course we need tell children that girls should have as much sex and as many partners as men, that is good.  Progress will be when our young ladies are having more sex and more partners and make more money too!

Of course we should lower the age limit we have for becoming topless dancers and we should encourage our daughters to go into the porn business! It’s big money, sexual freedom and good examples for the youth that follow!  And they say they use condoms!

Yes! All of this and more! Maybe movies for teens about teens having sex and what works best for them!!!

I truely believ our sex education classes should be taught by teachers that have an eucation SPONSORED by the condom maufacturers! I trust that they are not biased.  That making money and selling their product ( condoms) has nothing to do with the sex education they want taught.  Never would a company care more about their product than the consequenses that the idividual can suffer! Smokers know this to be true – Marboro, Prince, Blend care about every individual smoker, not the money they make off them!

Then, lets tell them that all this freedom has only one little responsibility… you CAN get pregnant if you have sex.  You CAN become a mother or father the FIRST time!  You, for a few minuets of pleasure, CHOOSE (because it is a choice to have sex) to become a parent.  Wow, i see this as almost heroic! I was NOT ready to be a parent at ten years old! Even twenty-six felt young as a first time mother, but maybe children today are more mature and ready for parenting than I was.

Lets be sure to tell them that it’s not their fault if the birth controll doesn’t work, or that alcohols influence is well, not their responsibility.

Not to worry, a little medical procedure and that  little embryo full of responsibility is adios!

Awesome! You guys do that, I am going to try something less conventional.  See you in 10 years and lets look at what the difference is in our childrens lives.  Lets see how their emotional maturity and emotional health has developed.  Psychological and physical results and consequences will be interesting too.

I could be totally wrong, but freedom on any level, on any subject is anything but free.  Freedom is a responsibility that all of us have to shoulder.  Young and old alike.  Lets act like we know this is true and see where we go, what we choose and how we teach that choice has consequence.  Always.

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I graduated december 2014 from Bergströms a Counselor specialized in Co-dependency Therapy. I love to read, discuss and learn. I usually write every other weekend and hope to see how much I grow during this process.
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