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Free Money (film)

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There is no free money.  There is worthless money but nothing is for free.  I wish out of our desperation in times of need that we would trust ourselves to find or create a way out of our situation. We cannot expect that someone will give us the solution for nothing.  How great could it be if it’s for free? How meaningful is the result when we haven’t put a bit of our souls into the process?

Ah, I heard you say self-help groups are free! No they are not!

If you want help from a self-help group you have to go to the meetings, listen to others share their experiences, share your own, spend time doing the ground work and invest time in yourself for change.  No miracles just hard work.  And I forgot to mention that the members do give a little change to pay for the meeting-house, drinks and refreshments.

No miracles. Not for free. Maybe sacrifice is a better word. 

Peace of mind for a sacrifice.Money for a sacrifice, love and friendship for a sacrifice. What the sacrifice is, in and of itself, is yours to choose.

About mainbean

I graduated december 2014 from Bergströms a Counselor specialized in Co-dependency Therapy. I love to read, discuss and learn. I usually write every other weekend and hope to see how much I grow during this process.
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