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Well we already have some legal drugs do we need more out there?

We already have alcohol and tobacco in its many forms depending on where you live.  We do have legalised marijuana also again depending on where you live.  Prescription medications like antidepressants are often over or misused, miss-prescribed.  So do we need more legalised drugs?  I say YES!

Believe me I am as surprised or more than you are!  Before today ( a few hours ago ) I would have adamantly said no, no, no.  But I have been able to take part of a great discussion recently on the web.  A great question was asked about our own personal freedoms.  If laws actually make us behave the way the lawmaker wants us to, and why don’t we get to decide for ourselves? We are supposed to be free.  Freedom in itself is not free but comes with a great amount of responsibility.  So, are we willing to accept the responsibility of freedom?

I have been able to live both in a democratic and socialist country.  The socialized country has so many that need or want to be taken care of by the state.  Therefore they do not have to take full responsibility because they know that as soon as they can’t or don’t there is a big brother waiting to take care of them.  That sure sounds nice untill you realise all the freedoms you give up to have a safety net set up all around you.

So, legal drugs.  That must mean we get to choose our poison and it’s consequence.  I can choose to be insured or not,  smoke, drink or shoot heroin. ( If I want to do it I will find a way, note the addicts on the streets.)  There is obvious consequences.  If we choose to not have insurance that could be very expensive after an accident, or sudden health problem – but I get to choose.  I wonder if we put less money into the war on drugs and more into the education and information about drugs if we would be more successful.  Children follow the example of those closest to them or they learn from those examples.  I grew up with plenty of drinking and partying with illegal  substances around me.  It was mostly uncomfortable experiences and I choose to not follow the same path.  My education was seeing first hand the result of bad choices ( or misinformed choices maybe).  Not everyone has to experience this, we can teach about it instead.  Fearless spreading of the truth about alcohol and smoking ( by those that are not out to make  a profit ) can only convince a child to not partake! What power does peer pressure have when you know what lung cancer really means and looks like! 

The resources and research are available to us.  Schools, teachers, counselors and parents need to work together and inform with love and concern – we don’t need to have “convincing” the goal after all they will make their own choices!  And with that they will have consequences, the best teachers in this game called life.  The government and lawmakers with their expensive enforcement havent stopped anyone yet.  We, as a family, church group or other affiliation and society as a whole have the responsibility to support and inform.  In my family I have told my children that if they brush their teeth and have no cavities when they turn 15 I will buy them their first scooter.  If they are not drinking and smoking by 18 (our legal driving age) I will help them get their first car and pay for the driving lessons.  Bribing? Sure, but we also discuss why to refrain from said product.  We have also discussed sex (first time, you can become a parent ) and drugs ( first time you can be hooked).  They are both true statements, it doesn’t have to be embarrassing and uncomfortable for a family to talk facts but it must be done! It’s one of our awesome responsibilities that come with us exercising the freedom to choose becoming a parent.

So, yes to legalised drugs.  Yes to focused prevention, with education and information as our tools.  And yes to freedom to make our  own choices.

About mainbean

I graduated december 2014 from Bergströms a Counselor specialized in Co-dependency Therapy. I love to read, discuss and learn. I usually write every other weekend and hope to see how much I grow during this process.
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